Secured payment


Credit card payment:

During your purchase on, you will be managed towards a coded page (https) managed by the platform E-Transaction of the Crédit Agricole to guarantee the security of your banking data. On-line payment is 100% secure : your account ID is coded, the information transmitted by internet is protected thanks to the protocol SSL. À no moment the number of your card map does not pass in transit nor is stored in our servers, what you guaranteed the best security in payment. 

Payment with PayPal:

World Leader on the internet payment, PayPal is the system of payment the most used in the world. More than 150 million persons possess a PayPal account ! 

That you have an account PayPal or not, you can pay the amount of your basket of purchase via the secured PayPal system.

Payment by check:

Only bank checks denominated in euros and pulled at a bank taken up residence in metropolitan France are accepted.